!*WARNING*! MANY car rental agencies (even the Major firms) here in Costa Rica quote an artificial LOW rate online, or by phone, BUT when you arrive at their office for the paperwork, or sometimes at the END of your rental, you discover the true final total is often MUCH higher than the rate you were quoted, with added fees and charges tacked on. WE DO NOT DO THIS!! The totals I offer you here, are the true bottom line totals. NO hidden costs are added at ANY time!

Car Rental Costa Rica - FAQ

Do I get a full tank of gas with my rental?

We have a new gas policy as a result of many clients returning their 4x4s empty of gas while RECEIVING their 4x4s with over half a tank of gas, then refusing to pay the gas deficit.

We now simply ask each client, in advance of their arrival, how much gas they want in their 4x4s, and deliver their 4x4 with that amount of gas in their vehicle.  Gas must be paid in advance, or in cash to our agent at delivery.  Gas is $5.50 per gallon today in Costa Rica considering the liter to gallon, and colones to dollar conversions.  Each vehicle has about a 15 gallon tank.

You may choose any gas tank level between: Full ($82 - Recommended), three quarters ($62), half tank ($41), one quarter ($20), or near Empty ($0).

Please use all the gas you buy, and return your vehicle as close to empty as possible.

Can you provide somebody to take us on a tour?
If time permits, on occasion I permit one of my native Costa Rican employees who have lived in CR all their life, to take clients by case basis depending on the needs and preferences. All of our staff speak fluent English and Spanish. Just ask.
Do you have GPS units and are they really necessary?
We have the latest Garmin Satellite GPS with recently updated maps of ALL roads in Costa Rica. They are only $10/day and in English. They are VERY useful given the poorly marked roads in Costa Rica.
Do you rent just the SIM cards to use my cell phone from home in Costa Rica?
Yes. However many cell phones from countries outside Costa Rica are not "un-locked", or not compatible with the Costa Rica cell systems. Be sure your cell is unlocked, and compatible, and it may work. Our SIM Cards are $10/day.
What is your policy on cancellations?
To complete and guarantee your reservation, we require an advanced rental deposit of between $100 or $200 depending on your rental term. You can make your deposit by any of the payment methods listed above. This amount is then deducted from your final rental payment. If you need to cancel your reservation, you can get a 100% refund of your deposit if you cancel at least 4 weeks before the first day of your reservation. If you give us less than 2 week´s notice, we retain $200.
I am looking to invest in Real Estate in Costa Rica. Can you put me in touch with an Real Estate Broker?
I do know a person who I have dealt with before, who has dealt straight, fair, and effectively with me and those I refer to him. He speaks perfect English. I can pass along his name and contact information upon request.
Do you have lower monthly rates for the GEO Tracker 4x4's?

Yes. If you rent for 28 consecutive days or more during the low season May 1 through October 31, the daily rate is $33 or about $990/month for a compact GEO Tracker 4x4. Our monthly rate during the high season of Nov. 1 through April 30, is $43/day or $1290/month.

Is it safe in Costa Rica?
Yes, and no. It is generally safe in Costa Rica in terms of personal safety, BUT you have to use common sense. Do not walk alone on dimly-lit streets late at night. In terms of your valuable belongings, it is NOT safe. Llarceny is a big problem in Costa Rica ... especially car theft! Always park your 4x4 in a guarded secure garage, or on a street that has "watchmen". They wear orange vests, and are along most parking streets. You tip them 100 - 200 colones ($0.50 to $1.00) to watch your vehicle while you shop, dine, etc.
Is there a minimum rental period requirement?
Yes. To qualify for our very low all-inclusive advertised rates, there is a 7 day minimum rental period.
Do I need an international driver's license to drive in Costa Rica?
No. Your valid driver's license from home and your original (not a copy) passport is all you need.
Is a soft top or a hard top 4x4 better?
ALL our 4x4 vehicles are HARD-Tops. Most people prefer a hard top because they offer added security for your belongings inside the vehicle. Hard Tops also allow us to secure surf boards and luggage to the top of your 4x4. Always park in guarded secure areas.
I may want to buy a vehicle after renting for a while. Can I buy my 4x4 rental if I love it?
Well, I can tell you right now, you will love your 4x4 vehicle. Yes, we do sometimes sell vehicles from our fleet. I buy them very economically, and can pass these savings on to my clients in the event they wish to buy their rental. We also have a car buying service which includes accident and owner history, clean title search, lawyer fees, price negotiation, and our preferred dealer network. Also includes our mechanics doing a 4 hour inspection on the vehicle. Tell us what you want, and we will find the best for you. Guaranteed. Our fee for this is $1000.
How much is the security deposit?
We have the lowest security deposit in Costa Rica for auto and 4x4 rentals. Its only $1000. We also have a $50 gas deposit which allows you to return your 4x4 empty if that is convenient for you. Your singed rental agreement serves as your security "deposit". Nothing is ever authorized or charged to your credit card unless you have an accident or there is damage while in your possession.
Are you affiliated with any other professionals, or businesses in Costa Rica?
No. We are an independently-operated, private 4x4 rental agency. We can recommend various professionals for legal work, real estate, accommodations, and for other needs. See our "Useful Website Links" page. I can also make recommendations by personal request. No commissions are paid to me by anyone.
So exactly what is included in your all-inclusive daily rate?
Full coverage Insurance, all taxes, unlimited miles, free meet-and-greet delivery and pick up of your 4x4 at the San Jose Airport or area hotel, a detailed road map of Costa Rica, 24/7 service, and the assurance of knowing we care about your travel experience in Costa Rica. We do have higher, but still very affordable, rental rates of $49/day during the peak season between November 1 through April 30. Still, all-inclusive! Still, a great deal!
How do we pay you for our rental?
You can pay by credit card, debit card, PayPal, Amazon Checkout, Google Checkout, or Wells Fargo Bank deposit in the U.S. Most clients simply prefer to pre-pay their entire rental in advance. This way, everything is already taken care of when you arrive in Costa Rica, and you do one simple transaction and are ready to go upon arrival.
Are there charges for any extra Services?
If you are flying into the Liberia Airport, there is a $190 delivery fee which also includes pick-up of your vehicle when you are finished. Liberia is 4 hours away from our fleet and our office in San Jose, but we do service Liberia. The $190 covers the cost of our employee and gasoline expenses. We service ALL areas in Costa Rica.
When we are finished with our 4x4 rental, where do we bring the vehicle, cell phone, and GPS?
Simply drive to the airport to catch your flight, park the 4x4 in the departure airport parking lot, and leave the keys, cell, GPS, and parking ticket inside the glove box. We retrieve them later. Convenient? Yes!
What insurance is included in this rate?
Collision Theft Vandalism Liability for Third Persons Liability for damages caused to the property of Third Persons Injuries to Third Persons are covered up to 1,000,000.00 colones (1 Million colones) per person. In case of death, coverage is for up to 40,000,000.00 (40 Million colones) per person with a maximum of 100,000,000.00 (100 Million colones) per group of persons. Insurance does not cover you in case of negligence if driving through sand, water, under the influence of alcohol or any drugs, and for violations of any conditions of the rental agreement. All Insurance claims carry a $1000 deductible which the client must pay per the rental agreement before any insurance coverage is applied.
Who owns the "Rent a 4x4 In Costa Rica" Agency?
We are an American-owned, independent, and privately-held 4x4 rental agency. Dean C. Krieg, MBA is the sole owner who is an American business man from Escanaba, Michigan. He is providing a low price, all- inclusive 4x4 rental service to persons tired of the high rates, poor service, and frustration often encountered at the big-name, international car rental operations. Dean and his staff are committed to offering quality 4x4 rental vehicles, outstanding customer service, at low all-inclusive rates.
If we have problems, what do we do?
It is very unlikely you will have a problem, but if you do, just call us anytime 24/7 and we will deliver to you a replacement vehicle or cell phone at no charge, or make other suitable arrangements for you at our discretion. We have mechanics and tow trucks on agreement in locations all over Costa Rica on stand-by.
Is it an option to NOT have a $1000 deductible nor a $1000 security deposit?
Yes. For an added $19/day, you can waive the $1000 deductible on our insurance and the $1000 security deposit. This "No Risk Option" is popular with clients who do not want any out of pocket expenses in the event of an accident, or theft, or damage, or simply do not want to pay a security deposit.
Is there a per minute charge to use the cell phone?
No. There are no limits to the time you can call or the number of calls you can make and receive in Costa Rica. You can even receive international calls at no charge to you. Calls made to the U.S or Canada are charged at a rate of only $0.35 per minute using our calling cards. Upon request, we can give you your cell number before you leave for Costa Rica so you can be contacted from your home or office if needed.
Can we take our 4x4 rental into Panama or Nicaragua?
We do not allow our vehicles to leave Costa Rica.
Why are your rates so low at $39/day for a 4x4 GEO Tracker?
We know how to buy quality 4x4 vehicles at good prices and we pass this value on to you, our clients. We prefer to have lots of satisfied clients, albeit at\ less profit. We do have higher, but still very affordable, rental rates of $49/day during the busy high season of Nov. 1 through April 30. Still, all-inclusive! Still, a great deal! We also have larger 4 door 4x4s for larger families that start at $49/day low season.
What are your 4x4s like?
They are smaller, economical 4-wheel drive SUVs that get about 25 miles to a gallon of gasoline. Gasoline is almost $4.00 per gallon here in Costa Rica. All of our 4x4's have CD players, air conditioning, luggage racks, newer tires, and have newer paint. Model years range from 1998 to 2007 but are VERY well-maintained, pleasing to the eye and touch. The tires have lots of tread, the seats are comfortable and adjust. Brakes, shocks, wipers, windows, sound system, and air conditioning are all in perfect working order. You will love your 4x4!
I am under age 25. Will you rent to me? Are there any additional fees because of my age?
We will rent to anyone 18 and older with a valid driver's license. If under 25, we require you purchase special insurance from us.
Do your vehicles have automatic or manual transmissions?
We have both. State your preference, and we'll do our best to see that you have the type you want. Our clients tell us that the manuals have a bit more power to navigate the steep hills, but the automatics are a little easier to drive.
Is there a charge for additional drivers as there is with most other rental agencies?
No charge for unlimited additional licensed drivers.
How much time in advance of our trip do we need to make a reservation for one of your 4x4 GEO Trackers?
Reserve as early as you can. Our 4x4's book up fast because of our low rates, excellent service, and quality maintained 4x4 vehicles. The good word is out about us, so do not hesitate.
What are the larger Suzuki Sidekick 4x4's, and what is the rate?
The Suzuki 4x4's seat 4-5 persons, have 4 doors, are all automatic transmission, have more room for luggage behind the rear seat, many have luggage racks, and have more leg and head room. The Suzuki Sidekick 4x4's rent for $49/day during the low season, $59/day during the high season. The monthly rate (28 days or more) is $43/day low season, and $52/day high season. Still all inclusive, and a great deal!
How do we find you, and our 4x4 and Cell Phone when we arrive in Costa Rica?
We will be waiting for you outside Baggage Claim exit at the Airport with your 4x4, GPS, and Cell Phone. We will be holding a small sign with your name on it. We can also deliver to your Hotel. No charge if within one hour of the San Jose Airport.